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All the leaves are gone

This is a concept I wanted to explore when the leaves first started to disappear from the trees in front of my window in early November.

It was also influenced by the idea of stone-age life, what the changing of climate would have felt like for so many humans back then, especially living in areas where winter was a constant threat looming over them. The coming of the first frosty nights, the trees slowly shedding their leaves: all this must have brought a real sense of dread into the hearts of our ancestors.

Or maybe I’m just overthinking everything, anyways, I hope you like how this one turned out visually! :)

Norbert toth skull 2019 norbert toth w

2019 remaster

Norbert toth 2017 11 16b paleo publish

colored, finished painting

Norbert toth screen shot 2017 11 22 at 13 00 36

initial greyscale rendering

Norbert toth screen shot 2017 11 22 at 13 03 09

original line sketch